Community Engagement

Texas Rare Earth Resources Corp. (TMR) believes that community engagement means to be a good neighbor and that this is essential to responsible development. This is true throughout the world and West Texas is no exception.

As a corporate citizen, we understand our responsibility to participate in and to give back to the community. We make the following commitments willingly and do not take them lightly:

  • We will educate the local and surrounding communities about the Round Top project and its potential impact.
  • We will be a partner and make a positive contribution to those communities.
  • We will develop strong ties through our active involvement in those communities.

TMR’s goal to be a good neighbor includes a continuous focus on public safety, the environment, and respect for the property rights of others. As we pursue responsible exploration and development of rare earth elements (REEs) to meet the Nation’s demand, TMR remains committed to the communities where we work and live, not just for today, but for the future as well.

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Sierra Blanca Office

Sierra Blanca, TX, Office

TRER 4-H Presentation, December 2011

TMR 4-H Presentation, December 2011