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Ben Kramer-Miller Interview with TRER Board Featured on Seeking Alpha

Ben Kramer-Miller’s excellent interview with Dan Gorski, Jack Lifton and Anthony Marchese that we wrote about last week has been featured today on Seeking Alpha.  


Ben astutely points out that TRER is currently attractively valued compared to its peers:


No company with a large HREE deposit in a low-risk mining jurisdiction has a valuation as low as TRER's--~$12 million. By comparison, Tasman's (NYSEMKT:TAS) valuation is more than 3X larger, Northern Minerals' (OTC:NOURF) is 5X larger (NEV ex cash from recent financing), Ucore's (OTCQX:UURAF) is over 4-times higher.


Read the article here, and listen to an excerpt of the audio below:


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