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Anthony Marchese Talks Strategy and Byproducts at Growth Capital Expo Las Vegas

Stocks News Now had a good chat with TRER chairman Anthony Marchese at the Growth Capital Expo in Vegas. He talks about the strategic importance of HREEs and the supply crisis that’s developed as a result of the localisation of REE production in China.

He also talked about byproducts, including the Uranium offtake agreement with UG USA Inc., a subsidiary of French nuclear giant Areva, and the possibility of lithium offtakes.

The potential for 9,000 tons per year of lithium carbonate equivalent is an interesting angle fro Round top in the context of Tesla’s recent product announcement about building commercial grade lithium ion batteries for the home and industrial markets at their new Nevada “gigafactory”.


SNN asks all the right questions, envisioning growth curves stemming from estimated 24 month production lead time, once the project is fully funded. 

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